XSPC RTL Rigid Tube Bending Lubricant

Lubricant • By XSPC
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Described by XSPC

XSPC RTL is a water based lubricant for bending PETG or Acrylic tubing.

RTL stops the bending rubber (bend cord, silicon insert) from getting stuck inside the tube after making a tight bend. This allows you can make more complex and tighter bends without the risk of snapping the insert and ruining the bend. After completing the bend, simply rinse the tube with warm water to remove the lubricant.

  • Water Based Lubricant

  • Non-toxic

  • Easy Clean

  • Non-staining

  • Tested with PETG and Acrylic Tubing

One 30ml bottle is enough for 1-2 builds and each 100ml bottle is enough for 3-6 builds.

How to use:

  1. Apply a small amount of RTL to the inside of the tube

  2. Insert the bending rubber and twist it to coat the rubber

  3. Heat the tube and make the required bend

  4. Pull the bending rubber out of the tube

  5. Rinse the tube throughly with warm water to remove lubricant


Type Lubricant
Brand XSPC
Model XSPC RTL Rigid Tube Bending Lubricant
30ml MPN: 5060596650633 Barcode: 5060596650633
100ml MPN: 5060596650640 Barcode: 5060596650640