XSPC EC6 ReColour Dye

Dye • By XSPC
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Described by XSPC

EC6 ReColour is a concentrated dye for PC water cooling. Each 30ml bottle of ReColour can dye 5 litres of coolant at our recommended ratio of 6ml per litre. EC6 ReColour Dyes provide vibrant, stable and long lasting colours.

  • Resealable Twist/Lock Cap
  • Dyes 5 Litres of Coolant (at 6ml per litre)
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Long Lasting Dyes
  • Non-Toxic
  • Tested with EC6, ECX and Ultra Pure Water
  • Tested with PVC, PETG, Acrylic and Metal Tubing

Increase the intensity of the dye in your coolant
Add EC6 ReColour to your EC6 or ECX Coolant to increase the intensity of the colour. 

Change the colour of white or clear coolant
EC6 ReColour can be added to EC6 Clear or EC6 Opaque White coolant. Mix at a ratio of 6ml per litre to match our pre-mixed coolant colours.

Create custom colours by mixing EC6 ReColour Dyes
All colours of EC6 ReColour can be mixed to create custom colours. e.g. add Clear UV to UV Blue to increase the UV intensity. 



Type Dye
Brand XSPC
Series EC6
Model XSPC EC6 ReColour Dye
30ml / Black MPN: 5060175589446 Barcode: 5060175589446
30ml / Blood Red MPN: 5060175589392 Barcode: 5060175589392
30ml / Clear UV MPN: 5060175589361 Barcode: 5060175589361
30ml / UV Aqua MPN: 5060175589453 Barcode: 5060175589453
30ml / UV Blue MPN: 5060175589378 Barcode: 5060175589378
30ml / UV Green MPN: 5060175589385 Barcode: 5060175589385
30ml / UV Navy MPN: 5060175589439 Barcode: 5060175589439
30ml / UV Orange MPN: 5060175589415 Barcode: 5060175589415
30ml / UV Pink MPN: 5060175589460 Barcode: 5060175589460
30ml / UV Purple MPN: 5060175589422 Barcode: 5060175589422
30ml / UV Yellow MPN: 5060175589408 Barcode: 5060175589408