ELITE 5600MHz CL46

DDR5 • By Team
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cas latency 46
error correction code Non-ECC
form factor SODIMM
rated speed 5600MHz | PC5-44800
register Unregistered

Described by Team

The TEAMGROUP ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 is equipped with an ultra-high frequency of 4800MHz, 32 banks comprised from 8 bank groups, PMIC chip, and on-die ECC. For system stability and energy efficiency, TEAMGROUP has reduced the working voltage to 1.1V to offer the system better performance and more reliable computations for an incredible laptop experience.

Main Features

  • Faster than ever with 4800MHz frequency.
  • New structural composition for better performance.
  • Conserve energy with energy-efficient 1.1V working voltage.
  • Supports on-die ECC for more stable systems.
  • Upgraded capacity for powerful multitasking.
  • Lifetime warranty for maximum protection.


Type DDR5
Brand Team
Series ELITE
Model ELITE 5600MHz CL46
16GB / 1 x 16GB MPN: TED516G5600C46-S01 Barcode: