Xeon E-2336

CPU • By Intel


base tdp 65 W
cpu socket ["LGA1200"]
integrated graphics None
l3 cache 12 MB
microarchitecture Rocket Lake
performance base clock 2.9 GHz
performance boost clock Up to 4.8 GHz
performance cores 6
performance l1 cache 6 x 32 KB Instruction 6 x 48 KB Data
performance l2 cache 6 × 512 KB
performance threads 12

Described by Intel

Intel® Xeon® E Processors

Intel® Xeon® processors deliver essential, business-ready performance, expandability and reliability for entry server solutions.

Intel® Xeon® E Processors Keep Small Businesses Running

Make sure your business data is accessible and protected with a professional grade server. Watch the video to learn how an entry server can power a range of business applications and provide the agility to respond to customers quickly while supporting enhanced security.

Use Cases

Small Business Servers

Upgrade your out-of-date, on-premise technology with a cost-effective investment in your business. Discover how a server built on the latest Intel® Xeon® E processors can help your business run smoothly and more securely.

Bare Metal Cloud Hosting

Learn about the benefits of updating your entry-level IaaS instances to the latest Intel® Xeon® E processors.

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Type CPU
Brand Intel
Family Intel Xeon
Series Xeon E
Model Xeon E-2336
MPN BX80708E2336